A decade ago I left my hometown of oil-fueled Midland, Texas for New York City. I wanted to study physics (and had teenage dreams of working for NASA) but soon realized I’m more interested in people than planets. Eventually, I found my way to urban planning – where I could still think about systems and numbers but at the end of the day all my spreadsheets involve human beings. I completed my masters in city and regional planning at Pratt Institute, which is known for being a very community-driven program. I was drawn to specializing in demographic analysis, but also very motived to take the wonky concepts and analyses planners consider in our decision-making and make them accessible to the communities our decisions ultimately impact.

I’m currently working for the City of San Antonio’s Planning Department, and am enjoying a different perspective on planning in government. I’ve previously worked in the nonprofit and advocacy realm as a Senior Planner for Housing and Neighborhood Planning at Regional Plan Association, focusing on regional issues such as promoting local arts and culture, limiting health disparities, and creating affordable housing. I’m also hoping to pursue more teaching opportunities, and was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute where I taught demographic and economic planning methods. 

My other professional interests include innovative participatory planning, education tools, community economic development, and environmental justice. At other times I enjoy cooking, crafting, singing, and making a new home in San Antonio.

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