Written Work

Clearly presenting analytical findings and making the case for policy recommendations is a step toward making real change. Some examples of small pieces and large reports I have written - in full or in part - are below. 


Support and Expand Community-Centered Arts and Culture - Fourth Regional Plan Action
(RPA, 2017)

While RPA has been traditionally known as an organization that researches and plans for physical infrastructure, I realized that the plan lacked a recommendation around supporting the wealth of arts and culture activity that already exists in communities across the region. In forming this recommendation, I managed an advisory group of artists, cultural organizations, and creative placemakers. The result is mostly a vision statement for how to support local arts and culture more effectively, and a hope to do further research. 


Testimony to New York City Council to Repeal Cabaret Law
(RPA, 2017)

New York City's antiquated cabaret law, which prevented dancing in all but a few licensed locations, was selectively enforced throughout the city's history to negatively impact both the LGBT community and communities of color. I testified in support of repealing the law, which was repealed in 2017. 

pushed out.png

Pushed Out: Housing Displacement in an Unaffordable Region
(RPA, 2017)

RPA conducted an analysis of areas that are likely to experience displacement pressures in the future based on the desirable characteristics of neighborhoods (walkability + transit access) and the vulnerability of the residents who live there (low income renters). I provided the bulk of the analysis to this report, and my colleagues also conducted interviews with residents feeling displacement pressures that can be read here

For Low-Income People of Color in NYC, Segregation is a Regional Problem
(RPA, 2016)

As part of City Limits Building Justice series from Enterprise Community Partners, I analyzed the regional legacy of segregation and its impacts on the area's urban, and suburban, fabric. 


Unintended Consequences of Housing Finance
(RPA, 2016)

This co-authored report describes federal housing finance and it's effects on developer's abilities to build the low-rise, mixed-use communities that are in high demand. 


Planning Lessons Learned from the Energy Boomtown Legacy of Midland, TX
(Pratt Institute Masters Thesis, 2015)

For my graduate thesis I chose to look outside of New York and focus on my hometown, Midland, TX. I've provided a brief overview of the issues Midland currently faces, and how I focused my research and recommendations. 


Manufacturer Site Visits (Made in NYC, 2012-2013)

During my first year of Pratt's planning program I was lucky to be a fellow at the Pratt Center for Community Development. I worked with their Made in NYC initiative, which supports the city's urban manufacturers through outreach and advocacy. One of my tasks was to set up visits to manufacturers and tell their stories on the Made in NYC blog, which was an exciting opportunity to explore parts of the city that many people don't get to see.